Kimhy Taing: Master Carpenter

This is the first in a series of Rust Co short biographies we plan to do. Our first bio is for Kimhy (Hee) Taing.

Kimhy joined Rust Construction in 2002 and has over 25 years of carpentry experience. As a master carpenter, Kimhy is experienced in every aspect of carpentry and specializes in finished carpentry. An avid fan of Jackie Chan, Kimhy works a job site like it is a kung fu set – less emphasis on frenetic activity and more focus on efficiency of movement.

Kimhy hails from Cambodia and speaks Khmer, English, and French. He emigrated to France in the late 1980’s where he worked as a jeweler. In 1995, Kimhy set down roots in Northern Virginia and started to work construction jobs.

Today, Kimhy lives with his wife, Chantrea, and three children in Springfield, Virginia. When not working on houses (including his own), Kimhy can be found playing volleyball and spending time with his family.

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