Client Surveys as a Project Management Tool

Your opinion matters to us

Honest client feedback is like gold. We know that no matter how good we are, we can always improve our customer service and the way that we do business. To that end, we did a test trial in April with a 3rd party survey company called GuildQuality (thank you to everyone that completed a survey). The trial was a survey of former clients and their likelihood to recommend Rust Construction. The trial was successful and we have decided to partner with GuildQuality and formally integrate their services in our project management process.

We plan to use GuildQuality as a tool for improving the client experience during preconstruction and construction. Each project may get as many as three surveys: 1) end of preconstruction; 2) midway through construction and 3) after construction is complete.

Of course, we will take feedback whenever and wherever we can get it. If there is anything that you would like us know about our business we are all ears. You can also call or contact us here.

Preliminary results from GuildQuality trial

We got back (14) survey results over a two-week period. Everyone responded favorably, except for one respondent who said that they were “neutral” about our scheduling. Project schedules are one of the crucial three legs of a construction project: 1) Budget, 2) Schedule, and 3) Quality. We will continue to work on improving schedule management through better internal and external schedule management processes.

We handle scheduling internally using Smartsheet, an online scheduling tool that allows us to see how resources are allocated across projects. This shows whether subs are over booked and availability of employees, as well as how each project task is dependent on the other. For clients, our goal is to set realistic schedules and communicate regularly with weekly schedule updates so that clients know where the project stands throughout the construction project.

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