Preconstruction: An Evolution

As a family-owned business operating in Northern Virginia for generations, our goal is to create lifelong client relationships through an extraordinary client experience and enjoyable building process. A key to this approach is our emphasis on collaboration between client, architect, and builder from start to finish.

Traditional Bid

For many years, we were not involved in preconstruction planning. We responded to formal bid invitations from clients and architects after the plans were developed. We bid on, won, and successfully completed thousands of projects in northern Virginia. Many of these projects yielded lifelong client relationships that persist today. From this experience, we know that the traditional bid process makes sense for the right project with a great architect. We still occasionally submit bids in response to invitations from prospective clients and architects!

The traditional bid process has limitations and pitfalls that, if not managed effectively, can negatively impact schedule, budget, and quality. While true with all building projects, but especially true with remodeling projects, architects often make reasonable assumptions about what is inside a wall or what is underground. Unfortunately, in some instances, the assumptions are found to be incorrect as soon the builder demolishes the first wall or starts excavating the foundation. Similarly, to get a check on cost, builders are often asked to bid on drawings before key decisions are made about finishes and selections. Project budgets and schedules are largely contingent upon the costs and lead times of selections like tile, countertops, and cabinets. Without this key information project bids are at best educated guesses with clearly detailed assumptions and at worst, missing large dollar costs. By bringing the client, architect, and builder together early in the process we can address these pitfalls and work together to make sure that projects are set up for success.


Today, we best serve clients seeking excellent project management and a collaborative preconstruction process. When you engage us for preconstruction services, we formulate a team that is scaled to the needs of your project. If you have selected an architect before you come to us, we bring together internal resources for cost estimating and value engineering as well as trade experts and craftsmen who provide valuable input when needed or requested. We will also assign a Design Manager who works with you every step of the way to produce a design that meets your vision for the project. The Design Manager coordinates and manages our team which can include draftsmen, cost estimators, trade experts, and our partners for engineering and architectural services.

During preconstruction, we provide the muscle for exposing what’s behind drywall (and putting the drywall back) and exposing foundations so that the design can account for conditions that might otherwise have been unforeseen. We provide real cost and budget information as the design is developed. Most importantly, we guide you to make well-informed decisions before the start of construction so that the stage is set for success. Planning during preconstruction pays dividends during construction.

To learn more about working with Rust Construction during the preconstruction process please contact us.

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